I'm Sebastian Jimenez. I live in California, where I write software bringing ideas to life.

From an early age, I loved exploring the world through creativity and technology. It wasn't until high school, however, that I wrote my first lines of code, building websites using FrontPage and other tools. This initial foray into programming sparked a lifelong passion for problem-solving and software development.

Music played a key role in my creative journey as well. By the time I graduated, I wasn't just building websites but also drumming, combining the rhythms of code with the beats of music. This duality shaped my creative drive, pushing me to explore and innovate across both domains.

After gaining extensive experience as a software engineer, working with a myriad of technologies from Ruby on Rails to GraphQL, I started experimenting with different business ideas. Constantly pivoting, I'm on a mission to carve my path to entrepreneurship and establish my own company one day. I aspire to build transformative solutions that blend technical excellence with creative impact.

Today, I continue blending logic and creativity, ensuring that each project functions seamlessly and resonates on a deeper level. My ultimate goal is not just to innovate, but to inspire — whether it's through a software and open source or music.